So, you’re ready to buy a home! Whether this is your very first home or one of many, you may be wondering whether to purchase a new home or an older one. While both have their own unique features, buying a newly built home just for you in Edmond OK is the way to go. Why? Read on to find out. 

1 - New homes are better for your health

Asbestos. Lead. Fungicides. These are all things that used to be considered as safe for use in homes, and it is common to still find them in homes today. Nowadays, products such as these are never used in home construction, and they have instead been replaced with safer alternatives. Not only can this protect the health of you and your family, but it can also help save the environment too. 

2 - A new home can be made the way you want it. 

When you choose the home layout that you want from our unique plans, the resulting project is completed the way you want it. By purchasing a new home, you won’t have to worry about replacing the out of date wallpaper or shag carpet because those features will have been chosen by you during the build. You even get to choose where you want your dream home to be located!

3 - Save energy with a new home. 

Newer homes equal newer and greener technology. This includes everything from windows to appliances to heating and cooling systems, all of which have undergone significant upgrades to become more energy efficient. Having the latest technologies in your home will reduce your bills, making your wallet and the planet a little happier. 

4 - Higher value.

Did you know that newer homes appreciate faster over the first 5 years of ownership than older homes? Because the demand is greater for newer homes, the value will increase faster - and this is good news for you if you ever decide to sell! 

5 - Stay safer with a newer home. 

New homes are built to last, and this includes all of the latest materials to promote safety and less maintenance. From fire retardant materials to more resilient finishes, your new home is safe from wear and tear and disaster. You can also trust that your new home will also be able to pass by all of the latest safety codes. 

Convinced about the benefits of buying your own new home in Edmond? Take a look at our floor plans and start the journey to your dream home today!